1. The Importance Of Surge Protection

    Modern homes are filled with expensive electronic devices. Whether it’s our laptops, smart appliances, flat-screen TVs, or smartphones, the last thing we want is for our devices to be ruined because of a power surge. Common Causes of Power Surges When we think about what can cause a power surge, lightning strikes are usually what come to mind. However, lightning strikes are just one of several t…Read More

  2. Welcome to Empowered Electrical Solutions

    Whether you prefer to spend most of your time outdoors exploring or if you’re more of a homebody, the fact of the matter is that nearly all of us are reliant on the electricity within our homes. From the outlets charging our phones to ensuring that our homes are illuminated when the sun goes down, we count on our electrical systems to be working properly. If not, our daily routine can be thrown …Read More